Who Are We?

Two Evil Actors is...


...A force that is here to take over the world by making you pee your pants and giving you other vulnerable feelings.

In greater detail, we are…


Britt Harris.  Porcelain beauty. Voice of an Angel.  Quickest wit in the West. If you don’t recognize her from her many stage and screen appearances, or from Birds of Neptune, her successful independent feature film that took the film festival circuit by storm last year, you probably recognize her work in NavesHarris, an incredible musical duo that is straight up famous in Brazil.  Britt has 12 different colors of highlighters that she uses every day in her planner, and her friends once staged an intervention to stop her from buying more clothing with cats on it.

www.brittharris.com | NavesHarris music | IMDB


Dani Larson. Sunkissed goddess. Ex-opera singer. Has a decent vocabulary and a smoulder that will make the boys cry. Don’t be fooled by her mostly-blank IMDb page: Dani has a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from USC, has performed on the Kennedy Center Stage in Washington D.C. and Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A., and can tame a unicorn with relative ease. She has an acting website, linked to below, which must mean she is an actor, and she also has writing samples available upon request, so she must be a writer.  She has a fake tooth which she fondly refers to as “Pegtooth,” which she feels only improves her voiceover work.